CreateFibril v 2.5 (released on Feb. 11th, 2015)


	CreateFibril is a tool to build atomic resolution models of protein fibrils. 
	Starting with the PDB file of an amyloid structure, one can specify the structural 
	parameters needed to build polymorphic fibrils. H-bond distances specify the 
	distances in angstroms between aggregated monomers on a fibril, rotation angels 
	specifies the fibril twist in degrees, and the polymorphism type selects the number 
	and orientation of the filaments making up the fibril.


	When citing this tool in any scientific publication please refer to it as: 

	Smaoui, Mohamed Raef, et al. "Computational Assembly of Polymorphic Amyloid Fibrils 
	Reveals Stable Aggregates." Biophysical journal 104.3 (2013): 683-693.


	(c) 2014 Mohamed R. Smaoui, Jerome Waldispuhl 
	School of Computer Science, McGill University, 3630 University Street, Montreal, Canada  


	Command line version 2.5

	The file contains a manual with examples to help you get started with 
	aggregating amyloids!